This webpage, herein referred to as "the Page," is presented for your contemplation by Roosta Nutrition Ltd. (hereinafter "the Company"). Your perusal and dissemination of the products offered by  Roosta Nutrition Ltd. are entirely voluntary, and you are under no obligation to partake or share in said products. Prior to consumption of any items that may impact your well-being, it is strongly advised that you exercise prudence and diligence. While our earnest intention is to furnish nutrient-dense comestibles, the Company cannot assume responsibility for your health or medical history, which may be influenced by the ingestion of adaptogenic mushrooms. Therefore, it is imperative that you seek guidance from your personal healthcare professional prior to partaking in any such products.


The adaptogenic mushrooms proffered by Roosta Nutrition Ltd. are expressly intended for supplementary use exclusively. These mushrooms are not formulated for the purpose of diagnosing, treating, curing, or preventing any ailment. Prior to the consumption of adaptogenic mushrooms, it is imperative that you seek counsel from a qualified healthcare professional.


Acknowledgment of Potential Allergens: Our adaptogenic mushrooms undergo processing in a facility that concurrently processes diverse food items. Consequently, they may come into contact with prevalent allergens such as peanuts or gluten. While rigorous efforts are undertaken to avert cross-contamination, the Company cannot guarantee the absolute absence of allergens in its products.


Identification of Potential Health Claims: Certain studies posit potential health advantages associated with adaptogenic mushrooms, including but not limited to immune system fortification, stress mitigation, and enhanced cognitive function. However, these purported benefits have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and are not assured. It is emphasized that our adaptogenic mushrooms are not intended to serve as a substitute for any medication or treatment prescribed by a medical professional.


Limitation of Liability: By electing to purchase and consume our adaptogenic mushrooms, you explicitly acknowledge and assume all risks inherent in their use. Roosta Nutrition Ltd. disclaims any and all liability for damages or adverse reactions resulting from the utilization or ingestion of its products.


Scientific Basis for Health Claims: Although certain studies suggest potential benefits of adaptogenic mushrooms, the existing scientific evidence is circumscribed, necessitating further research. The information disseminated regarding potential health benefits is not intended to supersede the advice of a qualified healthcare professional.


Consultation with a Qualified Healthcare Professional: Prior to the consumption of our adaptogenic mushrooms, it is strongly recommended that you seek consultation with a qualified healthcare professional to ascertain their suitability for your individual circumstances. This advisory is particularly pertinent if you are pregnant, nursing, afflicted with a medical condition, or currently under medication.



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